Rags to Riches shows Gene Marshall in the film She'd Rather Dance.
Gene Rags to Riches

Credit: Ashton Drake

Info Edit

SKU: 76210

Released: 2003

Edition: 2003

Circa: Edwardian via 1948

Designer: Michelle Tibbets

Company: Ashton-Drake



Gene doll with auburn hair. Styled with bangs in front, low bun in back. Dark pink lips, pale purple eyeshadow, reddish brown eyebrows.


Purple tulle, chiffon and satin dress with squared neckline and beaded bodice and layered skirt.


Feathered fan, beaded reticule, feathered and beaded bandeau headpiece and fingerless tulle gloves.


Beaded vamp pumps.


Beaded tassel earrings and necklace.


In the film "She'd Rather Dance" Gene plays her own grandmother in this flashback to the turn of the century. Rags to Riches is a period costume beautifully beaded and accessorized. Perched atop Gene's period hairstyle is a beaded bandeau with purple plumes in the front decorated with beading. Comes with aubergine tulle fingerless gloves purse with beaded handle and tassels earrings, choker, shoes with a bead decoration, hosiery -and a fashionable feather fan with a silver handle and ribbon wrist strap.

Story Card Edit

1948’s “She'd Rather Dance” gave audiences a special treat: two Gene Marshalls for the price of one!

In the film, Gene plays the irreverent daughter of one of Boston’s oldest and most influential families who shocks society by accepting a role in a Broadway show.

Nervous and shunned by her stodgy family the night before the Boston opening, the girl (played by Gene) sadly turns to her grandmother for comfort. The grandmother (also played by Gene, using some of the most sophisticated techniques available in Hollywood) quietly closes the parlor door, sits the girl down and says, “Now, child, I am about to let a family skeleton rattle its bones one more time…” With that, she hands the girl her cane and does a spirited catwalk!

The girl gasps, “Grandmama! What are you doing?”

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