Rain Song
is an outfit from the film Rain Song.

Info Edit

SKU: 94675

Released: 1998

Circa: 1953

Designer: Doug James

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $29.95

Story Card Edit

Rumors flew after the 1953 release of Rain Song, the sweet romantic hit of the year.  Audiences were titillated by the lushly photographed close-ups of Gene, as the devoted schoolteacher, in the embrace of the handsome widower too busy to give attention to his precocious eight-year-old son.  The rumors were further fueled when Gene and her dynamic costar were frequently seen laughing and chatting together at the Green Parrot Restaurant.  Though they claimed to be just good friends, the gossipmongers slyly predicted that someday these two would be more than that.  Gene laughingly replied that the costar who really won her heart was Beau, the darling eight-year-old boy.

In the film, Beau has a crush on his beautiful teacher, writing poems and Valentines to her and dreaming of Gene as his new mother.  Yet every time Beau succeeds in bringing his widowed father and teacher together, the sparks fly as she tries to teach him to open his frozen, corporate heart to his lonely son.  Their stormy confrontations only mask their growing attraction to each other, finally culminating in a heart-stirring confession of love in a sweet spring rain shower.  In the final scene, Gene and her leading man are swinging a happy Beau over puddles as a rainbow arches in the sky.  A perfectly happy ending guaranteed to inspire a sigh of satisfaction from every true romantic!