Ransom in Red is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall in a perfume advertisement.

Ransom in red

Info Edit

SKU: 94676

Released: 1998

Edition: Retailer's exclusive

Circa: 1949

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $44.95

Story Card Edit

It was the commercial success story of the 1949 holiday season.

Ransom in Red, the haunting new fragrance by a renowned Parisian parfum house, took American by storm with a sweeping advertising campaign starring Miss Gene Marshall.  Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television airwaves were redolent with the sensuous allure of Ransom in Red...and Gene Marshall.

In the commercials Gene was the essence of what the fragrance evoked.  Strong yet utterly feminine...tantalizing yet inaccessible...elusive yet beckoning with a siren's irresistible lure.  Set above mere mortals on a white pedestal, glittering with a king's ransom in fabulous jewels, Gene held millions of television audiences enrapt for thirty unforgettable seconds.  They watched, spellbound, as her sultry, half-lidded blue eyes captured the camera lens.  A myriad of images danced across the screen...Gene turning, a close-up of her hand caressing the elegant cut-crystal perfume bottle, a flash of diamonds as she gracefully tilted her head, a mysterious Mona Lisa smile.  Then she spoke in a provocative, breathless whisper that riveted attention, those full scarlet lips savoring every word...

"Hold his heart captive with...Ransom in Red."

Sales skyrocketed as long lines formed at perfume counters in upscale department stores across the nation.  Ransom in Red was at the top of many a woman's wish the delight of many a man!