Rondelet depicts Gene Marshall in French couture.


SKU: 92052

Released: 2008

Edition: W Club Exclusive

Circa: 1950's

Inspiration: Balenciaga

Company: Integrity Toys



Gene doll with platinum blonde hair. Styled with poodle bangs and french twist. Pink lips, pale grey eyeshadow.


Pale pink over-skirt with heart-shaped neckline, over black tulle sequined black tulle ruffles.


Black opera-length gloves.


Black taffeta pumps.


"Diamond" bracelet, earrings and necklace.


Rondelet features a striking song of a dress composed in equal measures of soft blush tones and rich, ebony texture. A blush pink sweetheart bodice is punctuated with a row of brilliant diamantine buttons and is flared into a lavish, peplumed overskirt. The daringly angled overskirt soars from a deep hem in the back to the abbreviated front where rows and rows of black tulle ruffles are punctuated with wisps of feather and spangled with glittering black sequins. Accessories for Rondelet include a matching butterfly design 'diamond' bracelet and asymmetrically worn necklace enhanced with even more diamonds at the ears. Opera length black gloves and black taffeta covered pumps finish the look. Gene wears her platinum blond hair in a heart shaped coiffure of rolls and curls and is sporting the latest maquillage from Paris.



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