Rouge et Noir shows Violet Waters in the film Jack of Diamonds.

Info Edit


Released: 2005

Edition: 150

Circa: 1946

Designer: Christian Dior

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $249

Story Card Edit

"Mama?  This is Violet!"

"What's the matter, baby?"  Violet's mother was always wary.

"Mama, I've been cast in a new Monolithic picture!  Jack of Diamonds is the name of it.  And all the big Monolithic stars are in it: Madra Lord and Trent Osborn and Gene Marshall..."

"That's nice, honey--but you just be sure you stay FAR away from that Trent Osborn.  I listen to Cora Harper--he's a bad egg..."

On her end of the phone, Violet gave herself the luxury of a tiny giggle.  She knew that most of Trent's reputation was just created by the studio to make people come to his pictures.  Then she went on.  "Mama, it's all about this man who helps a boys club where my son in the movie goes.  You see, they're going to close the club unless they can pay the mortgage, so Jack--that's Trent Osborn--gets all his friends together and they have a sort of party and I'm one of the people in the show!"

Violet could hear the pleasure and pride in her mother's voice.  "You get to sing?"

"Of course, Mama.  A song written just for me called 'Cool Voodoo'--and wait until you see my dress.  Bright red with a matching sash and almost a crown--like a princess from The Arabian Nights!"

"Oh, I hope your Aunt Alicia can see it when it comes out.  Maybe I'll invite her up here so we'll be sure she sees your number!  Thank you so much for the good news.  And Violet?"

"Yes Mama?"

"Remember what I said about that Osborn fellow."

And Violet giggled again.

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