Royal Military is an outfit worn by Trent Osborn.

Trent military photo

Info Edit

SKU: 38266

Released: 2001

Designer: George Sarofeen

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $59.95

Story Card Edit

“TA-TA-TA-TAH, TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TAAAAAH!” That was the clarion call from my film Prince of Passion. It rings in my ears, even today. I understand that young fellahs across the country used that as their battle cry in everything from snowball fights to the successful completion of their first tentative kiss.

Prince of Passion was one of my favorite swashbucklers. Remember it? The story of a handsome debonair prince who enjoys the privileges of station—that is, until his tiny country is overtaken and he’s forced to join his people in winning back their land.

When I was a mere sprout, swashbuckling was always a part of my fantasies. Twig in hand, I was Robin Hood, Rudolf Rassendyll, and D’Artagnan all rolled into one, fighting evil barons—until called to supper. In Prince of Passion, I got to live my fantasies and get paid!!

I’ll never forget filming the closing scene. I enter from the palace as the prince, again restored to my exalted position, but now there’s a difference. Having fought beside them, I am now loved by my subjects—especially the fair Janette. Dressed in full princely regalia, I step through the palace doors and into a cheering mob. Suddenly spying Janette, I rush to her, sweep her into my arms and carry her into the palace as the peasants close the doors behind us...

Very moving—but the medals on my costume kept getting caught in her gown. It took two assistants to separate us after each take. However, the actress playing Janette was such a beauty, I never minded the wait!

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