Scorned Woman shows Madra Lord in the film Lover in Disguise.


Info Edit

SKU: 38267

Released: 2001

Edition: 5000

Circa: 1946

Designer: Doug James

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $125.00

Story Card Edit

"Don't tell me--Gene gets Mr Right, right?"

Madra was on the phone with her agent, Benny.

"So I won't tell you," he said.

"Story of my life," grumbled Madra.

"What, sweetheart? I didn't quite catch that," said Benny.

"Oh, nothing--tell me the GOOD part." Madra lay back on her couch and popped a chocolate into her mouth.

"The good part is you get to wear fabulous clothes and the finale is a costume ball where you get to dress up as a turn-of-the-century hussy."

"Ooooh--a turn-of-the-century hussy?" Madra perked up. "Those were the kind of ladies my mama warned me about when I told her I wanted to be an actress! I can't wait to see Momma's face! Of course, I'll take the part--and I'll play this dame with a heart of 24 karat gold and we'll SEE who the audience roots for!"

And so Madra joined the cast of Lover in Disguise as the dress shop owner. In the film's classic climactic scene, she watches as her fiancé, a dashing playboy played by Trent Osborn, scorns her at a charity ball and runs off with her shopgirl, leaving Madra a masked and fuming wallflower.

But, even behind her mask, Madra showed being a scorned woman included hiding a broken heart and that single tear that trickled from beneath her mask triggered many a stifled sniffle in the audience!

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