Skiing or She-ing? shows Trent Osborn in St Moritz. 

Info Edit

SKU: 03-39410-008

Released: 2004


Circa: 1948

Designer: Frank Ingenito

Company: Ashton-Drake

Retail: $175.00


Trent doll with blonde painted hair and moustache.


Red turtleneck, grey slacks, cream ski jacket, navy patterned Alpine sweater.


White ski cap.


Black "leather" ski boots with red laces.


Just try to resist Trent when he pours on that movie star charm! Imagine how Gene will react when he surprises her at the ski lodge in St. Moritz! What will she think of his new blonde hair, red turtleneck, slacks, and sporty ski jacket, boots and cap? Or maybe she'll prefer his more relaxed patterned ski sweater and gray slacks? Either way he's got that snazzy 1940s look! Also comes with two 2004 Gene Marshall scrapbook pages.

Story Card Edit

Trent Says:

All right.  Level with me.  Whose idea was this in the first place?

Who ever decided that strapping two barrel slats on your boots and zipping down the mountainside at ungodly speeds in subzero weather was fun?

Not I!  Oh, perhaps in my more foolhardy days...

But here I am, in a little chalet in St Moritz, lounging in front of the fire surrounded by enthusiasts from all over the world, ready to eagerly hurl themselves down the mountain to nearly certain bone breakage and freezing behinds.

However, I did make an appearance today on the slopes, dressed in my finest ski togs.  Needless to say, the snow bunnies came hopping over, eager to share a t-bar with yours truly.  But I declined each and every one of their pleas--that nasty ol' football injury flaring up again, don't you know.  But I did make a few appointments to see them after their day of schussing for a quiet cocoa by the hearth.  Then I went over and settled myself into a comfy snowbank to await a friendly St Bernard and his equally friendly brandy cask.  Ah, the great outdoors...

Now I bask in the warmth of my companions for the evening, here in the comfort of the lodge, listening attentively to the daily report.  You see, you may call this recreation "skiing"--but I, my dear friend, prefer to pronounce it "she-ing"--see what I mean?

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