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Song of Spain
shows Gene Marshall in the film Sea Spree.

Info Edit

SKU: 76065

Released: 1999

Circa: 1943

Edition: 5000

Designer: Tim Kennedy

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $99.95

Story Card Edit

Gene Marshall was hailed as "Our All-American Girl" for her role as a plucky Broadway dancer in the 1943 flag-waving film Sea Spree.  But after the "Song of Spain" dance number was shot, the cast and crew had another name for this rising new star--the "I-Can-Do-It Girl"!

The choreographer had created white-hot flamenco dance moves for this showstopping number, so difficult and daring that the twenty-four beautiful toreador dancers were complaining.  But everyone gasped when the demanding choreographer told Gene to unfasten her mock skirt and re-attach it around her neck as a matador's cape...while in full spin down a narrow, steep flight of slippery marble steps.  "Impossible!", "You'll break an ankle!", "Don't do it, Gene!" cried the dancers, but Gene was silent.  With a frown of concentration, she mounted the stairs and slowly, meticulously worked out the necessary moves.  After a long while Gene nodded and said, "I can do it!"

The camera rolled, the music thundered, and Gene spun down the stairs, her feet flashing in a blur of movement.  Her radiant smile never faltered.  Halfway, the skirt billowed off in a dazzling flourish of gold, black, and scarlet, only to be swept close again as she fastened it to her neck on the next three perilous turns.  She reached the floor and stopped on a dime in a proud, dashing matador's pose.  Jaws dropped in amazement, but there was no time to celebrate...the camera was rolling!