Star Entrance depicts Gene Marshall making a grand entrance.


SKU: 92015

Released: 2007

Edition: 650 Gift Set (Reel Life Collection 2007)

Circa: 1940's

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $225.00


Gene doll with medium blond hair styled in a sleek twist.


Grayed-mauve belted column dress, silver lame belted trench coat, silver swim suit.


Matching opera length gloves, fuchsia chiffon scarf, gray pleated handbag.


Gray pleated buckle pumps.


Black cuff bracelet, "diamond" drop earrings, silver sunglasses.


Don’t wear silver lame if you’re shy, and be prepared for every eye in the room to be following you if you do. Such is the effect of “Star Entrance,” a military-tailored trench coat of silver lame “leather” over a pencil-slim gown of grayed-mauve satin-backed crepe. The belted gown’s portrait neckline plunges to a ruched bust line above a narrow skirt, slit to the knee. The shimmering coat, worn over the gown and matching, opera length gloves, belts tightly beneath a full notched lapel and sports a dazzling fuchsia lining. Shoes and bag are encased in pleated satin matching the dress, while the jewelry is basic “diamonds” at ears and a distinctive black chrome bracelet at the wrist. Gene comes dressed in a fitted swimsuit and sports a sleek and stylish up-do. This very first gift set of the “Reel Life” collection makes this a “Star Entrance” not to be missed.



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