Starburst is a complete fashion from the Studio Wardrobe™ Collection .

92012 starburst full1


Info Edit

SKU: 92012

Released: 2007

Edition: 250
92012 starburst full2



Inspiration: Balenciaga

Company: Integrity Toys


Outfit Edit

Caramel chiffon overblouse with sequins and satin ribbon trim, cream colored sheath, full sheer overskirt in matching chiffon.


Ecru "patent-leather" belt, matching clutch.


Ecru "patent-leather" strapped sandals.


"Pearl" stud earrings, double-strand "pearl" necklace.

Description Edit

Starburst is a deceptively simple caramel and cream-colored frock, designed to be worn from day into the cocktail hour. The bodice consists of a sheer over-blouse, striped and spangled in a repeating pattern of satin petals, banded in matching satin ribbon on the short sleeves and portrait neckline. Beneath this spun-sugar top is a slender cream-colored sheath, belted in gold buckled ecru “patent leather.” The Starburst surprise comes in the form of a full sheer overskirt of the matching patterned fabric, self-banded at the waist and designed to be worn over the narrow sheath. The transparency allows for the creamy tones of the underskirt to shine through and transform Starburst from a chic day dress into a stunning cocktail look. The accessories to Starburst include ecru “patent leather” sandals and bag, and earrings and a double-strand necklace of simple “pearls.”

Script / Star File Edit

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