Starlight Canteen
Starlight Canteen: Trent
shows Trent Osborn at the Starlight Canteen.

Info Edit

SKU: 93643

Released: 2002

Edition: 2500



Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

“Hey, guys and gals!! Welcome to the Starlight Canteen. I’m Trent Osborn, and I’m going to be your celebrity host for this evening of fun.

“We all hope you’re having a HECK of a time tonight, whether you’re stationed on the coast or just passing through here on your way over there!

“I borrowed this captain’s uniform from one of my good buddies over at Marine HQ to host the show in honor of just one of our fighting forces. So is it true what they say—IS there something about a man in uniform? You know, maybe I should have had this on when I asked Dorothy Lamour out the other night. She couldn’t go, but she gave me her phone number. I know it was hers, because every time I call it, they say it’s SARONG number!

“And the other day, Betty Grable asked me out! No, really, she did! I walked into her dressing room and she asked me out right away.

“Okay, enough of this chatter—right now I’m going to call up one of our beautiful hostesses—hold your horses, boys!—Miss Gene Marshall, to join me here on stage, because she and I have worked up a little number for your entertainment. Gene?”

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