Studio Wardrobe Department

The Studio Wardrobe Collection was Integrity Toys brand for complete outfits. Not to be confused with Ashton-Drake's Star Wardrobe Collection (2005), which featured individual pieces and themed collections, rather than complete outfits.

Integrity used the names Studio Wardrobe Collection and Studio Wardrobe Department interchangeably (note the typo in the logo).

From the Integrity materials at introduction:

Fall 2007 - Introducing the STUDIO WARDROBE DEPT.

Introducing a new fashion feature in the world of Gene Marshall and her friends, The Studio Wardrobe Department. At Monolithic as well as the other major studios, the wardrobe department was the hub of the back lot, where stars came and went and ‘borrowed’ clothes for special events and gala openings. A wardrobe mistress’s job was to keep the players looking polished at all times and worthy of the term ‘Star’. Here is your chance to fill that position with our first three selections from the Studio Wardrobe Department, complete outfits, from hats to shoes, guaranteed to look fabulous on either of our ladies. Remember, these outfits are just on loan and it’s your job to remind Madra of that. Good luck!

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