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Suited to Be a Colonel
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall when inducted as a Kentucky Colonel. From the 2003 Derby Dreams convention.

Info Edit

SKU: 37963

Released: 2003


Circa: 1948


Company: Ashton Drake

Price: Part of convention package

Story Card Edit

"Howdy, Colonel!"

At first Gene didn't turn around, but when she felt a light tap on her shoulder, she realized that the refined voice was speaking to her.  She laughed.

"I'm sorry--I'm still not used to being a true Kentucky Colonel.  Howdy, back!"

The gentleman in the white suit smiled at her.  "Colonel Marshall, this morning you have been given your official commission as one of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, so from now on, you'd better get used to being referred to as one of the finest group of folks that ever sipped a julep."

"I know," Gene replied, blushing slightly.  "When I saw the list of other Colonels, my heart skipped a beat.  So many of my Hollywood friends are already Colonels--Bing, Irene, Mae, and Fred--and so many other important people.  I'm just so touched at being asked."

"Well, as one Colonel to another," said her escort as he leaned closer to Gene in a conspiratorial manner, "you are one of the prettiest Colonels we've had in quite a while!"

He offered her his arm, bowing slightly, and Gene took it, clutching her commission certificate to her heart as they made their way through the crowd of well-wishers...

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