Sunset Celebration is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall to her birthday party.

Sunset celebration

Info Edit

SKU: 76076

Released: 1999

Retired: 2001

Circa: 1955

Designer: Vince Nowell

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $39.95

Story Card Edit

"It's just another day; it's just another day..."  Gene kept repeating those words to herself.  But it wasn't just another day: it was her birthday.  And no one--no one!--had acknowledged it.

On the set, it was business-as-usual.  The hot winter costumes seemed to weigh hundreds of pounds on this balmy April 17th.  Finally, the director called out, "Okay, people--that's it for today."

Slowly, Gene made her way to her dressing trailer.  Somebody would stop her with a cheery "Happy Birthday!"  But they all seemed preoccupied, hurrying to get somewhere.

At her trailer door...a box!  Not a present, though.  A costume sample from a designer friend.  "Give this a 'test run' for me, would you, darling?" said the note.  Determined not to let the Glooms take over, Gene slipped into the sunset-hued gown.  Already her mood brightened.  Then--a knock.  It was Eddie, from the crew.

"I was over at Studio A and, well, there's something you just gotta see, Miss Marshall," he said.  "Don't change.  Just come like you are."

Gene followed Eddie to an empty sound stage, and, as he pushed aside the heavy doors, Gene was suddenly caught in the glow of a spotlight and the warmth of the crew, cast, and friends--all there for Gene's birthday.  And as the sun set, one of Hollywood's brightest stars celebrated something more than "just another day".