Tea Time at the Plaza shows Gene at an interview.

Tea Time at the Plaza

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SKU: 251314

Released: 1999

Edition: FAO Schwarz

Circa: 1943

Designer: Lynne Day

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $100.00

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She was a famous--many would say infamous--columnist, notorious for ferreting out scandal, backbiting gossip, and tattling rumors.  Hers was a formidable name in Hollywood, with the power of a million avid readers behind her.  One word in her weekly column--a subtle insinuation or a catty opinion--could spell disaster for a career.  Movie stars dreaded interviews with her.  That's why the gossip columnist was surprised to receive an invitation from Gene Marshall inviting her to tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York.  Gene had just won a Golden Star for her role in Black Ribbon, and the gossip columnist jumped at the chance to dig up some exclusive dirt on this new star.

Gene was waiting for her amid the Grecian columns, flowers, and exquisite settings of crystal, silver, china, and linen at the Plaza's High Tea.  From the first, the gossip columnist found herself disarmed by the genuine warmth of Gene's welcoming smile.  She mentally awarded Gene points for her impeccable ensemble and thoughtful conversation.  Gene was so candid, so amiable, that before the notorious gossip columnist knew it, they were chatting like dear friends.  She even confided to Gene her dreams for writing a cookbook.  When they finally parted--Gene to meet her family for dinner, and the gossip columnist to write a glowing report--they both cherished the feeling that an abiding friendship was born over tea at the Plaza.