Tennis, Anyone? is an outfit worn by Trent Osborn.

Trent tennis anyone photo

Info Edit

SKU: 38252

Released: 2001

Circa: 1938

Designer: Vince Nowell

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $69.95

Story Card Edit

“Tennis, anyone?”

Ha! I’ve always wanted to say that. I was in that Broadway audience the night Humphrey DeForest (or whatever his name was) bounced out on stage in his tennis togs and shouted it for the back row to hear (and, of course, I was in the audience—I had wanted that part and was hoping DeForest would be too ill to go on or something so that I could take over at the last minute!).

So here I am today, sitting next to my very own tennis court, relaxing. Sorry, you just missed The Group—the gang from my latest picture came over to play this afternoon. They’re all up at the house changing for this evening’s barbecue; I’m going up in a minute to throw on some long pants and a sweater—it can get frightfully chilly after that sunny California sun goes down.

Tennis is so invigorating, don’t you think? Dancing around the court, forward and back, sensing your opponents’ moves and relying on your partner to cover your back...

And then, of course, when it comes to tennis itself, any game that talks about “love” so often is always all right with me!

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