The Jeweled Cat depicts Madra Lord in an elegant evening gown for her role in the film, The Jeweled Cat.

Info Edit

SKU: 92023

Released: 2007 brunette, 2008 redhead

Edition: 500 brunette (line doll), 120 redhead (W Club lottery)

Circa: 1938


Company: Integrity Toys


Doll Edit

Madra doll with brunette hair, styled in side part with shoulder length underflip. Red lips, soft green eyeshadow.

Madra doll with red hair, styled in rolled bangs with braided chignon. Pink lips, soft purple eyeshadow.


Metallic gold lace column dress over satin, covered with floral pattern of beads and sequins, with metallic gold "leather" belt.


Gold metallic "leather" clutch handbag, floral hat with short black veil.


Gold metallic "leather" shoes.


"Gold" cuff bracelet, triple strand beaded necklace, "amethyst" dangle earrings.

Description Edit

In 1938 “The Jeweled Cat” was the perfect vehicle for Madra Lord: an intoxicating mix of mystery, seduction, and high fashion. In this film, bodies were dispatched with the same whimsy as hats; and nothing was taken as seriously as the clothes worn by the stars. In more or less the title role, Miss Lord was gowned and coiffed to the nines, and shone like the polished jewel of the Monolithic crown that she was. A long-sleeved, slender column of sheer metallic gold lace over satin, ‘The Jeweled Cat’ is covered with an elaborate floral pattern of multi-colored beads and sequins. Within the twists and turns of the story, a designer’s fortune is hidden, disguised as the decoration on this gown. The real fortune however, lay in Madra Lord’s star power, presented in gold-plated perfection in this ensemble. Long loupes of multi-colored and gilded beads encircle the simple neckline, a gold-toned cuff caresses a wrist, and a floral evening hat is spangled and veiled above a sleek, black pageboy. Gold metallic pumps are the beautiful hidden base for this golden idol to the fashion gods.

About the 24K Collection:

“The Jeweled Cat” is the first offering of the new “24K Collection”. Each year, one doll in the collection will be selected for even greater attention to details reflected in the level of luxury and workmanship exhibited. “The Jeweled Cat” will come in a distinctive gold box and be limited to an edition of 500 dolls worldwide, no more, no less. This year, “The Jeweled Cat” is on the prowl.

Editor's Note: Although the 24K Collection was a planned series, only one doll was produced in the series.

Script / Star File Edit

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