Top of the Morning shows Trent Osborn in the film The Bride on the Cover.
Trent Top of the Morning

Credit: Ashton Drake

Info Edit

SKU: 93649

Released: 2002

Edition: 3,750

Circa: 1942


Company: Ashton-Drake

Retail: $125.00


Trent doll with brown painted hair and moustache.


Formal morning suit, with vest, ascot, tails jacket, pin stripe pants and spats.


Cane, white boutonnière, black satin top hat.


Black dress shoes.




In "Top of the Morning" Trent looks dapper as the groom - a role he's played MANY times! He wears a morning coat and his top hat and cane make this ensemble the perfect match for Gene's wedding gown (they are after all from the same movie!).

Story Card Edit


I'll never get used to this.  Foolish, isn't it?

Because right now, I'm standing on the set of Gene Marshall's and my latest film, The Bride on the Cover, about to shoot the big wedding finale.  And even though this is only make believe, standing here at the altar, looking down at that trail of white that leads to the palms have begun to moisten and my knees to shake.

Maybe this is TOO real--you know, art reflects life--and therefore, vice versa.  And I've been on this end of the aisle a couple of times before.

You see, I seem to subscribe to the theory, "Never a groomsman, always a groom!"  No one seems to say "I do" as often as I do.

But in a way, I'm lucky.  After all, a woman generally wears a wedding dress once, then it goes into storage for her daughter.

Men, however, can use the same suit every time the urge to merge comes around.  Take a look at the one I'm wearing for this movie.  Morning coat, cane, top hat (tastefully removed and held by the actor playing the best man).  In style for all nuptials.

Ah, well--the director has just called "Action!" and the music has started...and here comes the bride!

You know, Gene certainly looks beautiful in her wedding gown.  You know, you could take someone as sweet as my costar home to mother--I almost wish this wasn't a movie and WAS "to have and to hold"...

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