Twilight Girl depicts Gene in a black and white day ensemble.

Info Edit

SKU: 92058A

Dream City 2008 logo

The Girls from Dream City logo - Gene Marshall Convention XIII Orlando, Florida

Released: 2008

Edition: 100 (The Girls from Dream City convention table centerpiece - Gene Convention XIII, Orlando, Florida 2008)

Circa: 1960

Inspiration: The Twilight Zone, season #1, episode #34, "The After Hours"

Company: Integrity Toys

Retail: $150.00

Doll Edit

A Gene dressed doll with ash blonde hair, pulled back into a french twist with curly bangs and tendrils. Red lips and pink eyeshadow.


White satin "gold" printed patterned blouse and black pencil skirt.


Black "patent leather" belt. Black "patent leather" purse.


Black slides.


Pearl earrings, pearl charm bracelet.

Description Edit

Gene Marshall was well known for her willingness to try any type of role at least once and when it became clear that television would be soon playing a major part in the entertainment industry, Gene was ready to answer the call if the role was fun and exciting. Dressed for the part of a mysterious girl lost in a large department store after business hours, our girl Gene is ready for one of the many roles that would leave a lasting impression on her fans forever.

Twilight Girl is a centerpiece doll and part of the "After Hours" collection from the 2008, The Girls From Dream City convention.  The other items from this grouping include, the dressed doll, "Slender Threads" and the fashion, "After Hours".

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