Ultimately Madra are basic dolls with looser hairstyles and minimal costuming.  Ultimately Madra was available as a redhead in 2001 and a blonde in 2002.

Info Edit

Ultimately madra38244
2001 version

SKU: 38244

Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $69.95


2002 version Edit

SKU: 76159

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

The costume fitter was running behind. Again. And Madra Lord was quickly going from simmer to boil as she sat in her dressing bungalow on the Monolithic lot. For Madra was one of those people blessed (or cursed) with an unparalleled amount of energy. The prospect of having to sit around in her "dainties" when there were things to do was driving her around the bend. "All right," she said to no one in particular except herself. "There's nothing to do but wait. I officially declare this Madra Lord Dress Up Hour!" With that, she ran her hand through her blonde locks and started whipping outfits from her closet: costumes, her own clothes... All were impeccably designed and expertly made. Bright colors. Subtle shades. Shimmering satins. Smooth sillks. Crisp and crinkly taffetas.

Tucked far in the back was one outfit she took out and held up in front of her, and looked in the mirror and sighed. For a brief moment, Mabel Lorlkovic stared back at her, young and fresh and ready to give Hollywood a run for its money. With a shake of her head, she put the outfit carefully back in the closet and closed the door with a sigh.

Just then, Madra heard a hesitant "tap-tap-tap" on the door.

"Miss Lord?" The girl's voice faltered on the other side of the door. "Time for your fitting..."

"Ah, yes..." Madra's voice was dreamy-but suddenly her usual tartness returned. "Get in here NOW! Before I freeze sitting here in my skivvies!"

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