Unsung Melody

Credit: Ashton-Drake

Unsung Melody
shows Madra Lord in the film of the same name.

Info Edit

SKU: 38256

Released: 2001

Circa: 1953

Designer: Bob Lange

Inspiration: Charles James

Company: Ashton-Drake

Retail: $110

Description Edit

Starring as an opera star who loses her voice, Madra plays on the heartstrings of the audience in Unsung Melody. A classic design in seafoam green satin, dramatically cut through with a black satin inset panel, this gown fits Madra to a high C!

Story Card Edit

"Darling!  What can I say?  This new picture is going to be an EMOTIONAL experience..."

Madra Lord was on Cora Harper's Non-Stop Hollywood radio broadcast.  The Monolithic publicity boys had run her ragged promoting Unsung Melody--and Madra loved it.

"So," intoned Cora, "should we bring a hankie?"

"A hankie?  Girls--bring a whole box!  And you gentlemen can use your sleeves; don't worry, we won't tell--after all, it's dark in the theater and we girls NEVER tell what you do in the dark, now, do we?"

Madra's sultry tone made a flustered Cora quickly change the subject.  "What exactly is this marvelous movie about, Madra?"

"Dearest, I thought you'd never ask!  I play an opera singer who loses her voice..."

"A blessing for the music lovers in the audience," thought Cora.

"...After she sees her husband, a noted basso, take an accidental--and fatal--plunge from the stage during a performance of 'Mefistofele' and she has a DEVIL of a time until a kindhearted impresario, played by none other than Trent Osborn, helps her regain her voice.  Of course, they fall desperately in love..."

Cora interrupted her.  "Madra, dear, we're out of time and I'm afraid Non-Stop Hollywood mus stop, so join..." but Madra grabbed the mic and continued.

"Not 'til I get to the good part," she said as Cora threw up her hands.  "You see, Trent and I..."

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