2002 Victory Garden outfit 2
Victory Garden
is an outfit worn by Gene Marshall for a poster.

Info Edit

SKU: 76047

Released: 2002

Edition: 2002

Circa: 1942


Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

The call went out in December of 1941 to everyone on the Home Front: grab your garden gloves and trowels and dig for Victory!  The National Victory Garden Program was underway--and folks Stateside were up to their elbows in dirt--even movie stars!

Gene was on the set of Black Ribbon when the call came from Reuben Lilienthal--the OWI had requested a starlet to pose for a Victory Garden poster; would Gene be willing to spend one of her days off at the photographer's?

Gene was always ready to do her part for the War Effort, and soon she was at the photographer's, patiently waiting while he set up the shot.  As an assistant handed her a basket of produce, she heard the photographer let out a whoop.  "These vegetables are outstanding!" he cried.  "Whoever found these--I want you to cater my next gallery opening!"

Gene smiled shyly.  "I'm afraid I'm the one who brought them--from my OWN Victory Garden.  You see, Monolithic put aside part of the studio lot for anyone who wanted to pitch in and get growing--and after all, I was president of the Cos Cob 4-H Club for three years."  Gene laughed, and the others joined in.  Then she held out the basket brimming with her harvest and said, "Anyone care for a carrot?"

And the poster, with its artwork based on Gene's photo, became one of the best loved--and most effective--posters of the day.

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