Violet Nights was a trunk set that included a Violet dressed in a peignoir.
Violet nights

Info Edit

SKU: 93647

Released: 2002




Company: Ashton Drake

Price: $179.95

Story Card Edit

“Just put it over there in the corner, will you?”

The delivery man from the freight company grunted a little as he wheeled Violet’s trunk into her bedroom, deftly avoiding the vanity and steering around a chair.

“There you go, Miss Waters. Bet it feels good to get back home,” he said, mopping his brow.

“Brother, you can say that again!” laughed Violet. “I thought this tour would NEVER end!! I just want to get out of these traveling clothes, into a hot bath, and onto the radio so I can hear what the OTHER singers are up to! Here, let me give you a tip...”

“Uh-uh,” he smiled. “For an ar-tiste like you, this is a pleasure—but if you could give me an autograph for my wife? She’s your biggest fan! Well, after me, of course...”

Violet retrieved two photos from the drawer of her trunk, signed them and bid the delivery man farewell. Then she made a beeline for the tub, started drawing her bath and farily waltzed back to the bedroom, flipping on the radio as she danced by. The voice of one of her favorite singers filled the room, and Violet suddenly realized she was singing along, harmonizing as she laid out a peignoir to wear after her bath.

Later, refreshed, relaxed, and with a cup of hot tea, honey, and lemon on the table, she put her slippered feet up on the ottoman and closed her eyes, letting the music soothe her cares away. “Ah, this IS the life!” thought Violet, content, happy—and asleep.

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