Witch, Witch, Witch
is an outfit worn by Madra Lord to a Halloween party.  This outfit came with "scrapbook pages".

Info Edit

SKU: 03-39410-017

Released: 2004


Circa: 1946

Designer: Van Craig

Company: Ashton Drake


Story Card Edit

"What is going on here?"

The Monolithic Studio runner delivering the costume box stood quaking in the doorway, one foot outside Madra's dressing room door, ready at any moment to beat a hasty retreat as soon as he was dismissed.

"Well, Miss Lord," he began, voice cracking just a little, "you know Mr Reuben Lilienthal..."

"I've known R.L. since before you were born, little man--I mean..."  Madra began to sputter a little.

The runner continued, spilling everything in one long breath.  "He wants all his stars to have a great Halloween this year so he's redecorated the Hometown Street set and had the Costume Department make personally hand-picked costumes for each and every one of his favorite stars..."

"And this is how he sees me?  As a WITCH?"  Madra's jaw was tight.

"That's not how I'd pronounce it," muttered the runner under his breath; then he cleared his throat and said, "I'm sure it's just symbolic of the MAGIC you convey on the screen, Miss Lord.  You're like a sorceress whenever you appear."

Madra's muscles relaxed and she took a good look at the runner for the first time.  "Do you really think that's true?"  He nodded his head.  "Well, thank you for your honest opinion, young man.  By the way, are you doing anything tonight?  I'll need someone to carry my trick-or-treat bag..."

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